Fluid Solo (small)

The Solo is in the "small" size, but has certainly been used by paddlers up to 1.7m and/or 85kg - indeed Fluid quote an absurdly large paddler weight range for the boat. Expect paddlers at the lighter end of the range to find themselves pushed about a bit in big water and those at the top end of the range will find it easy to throw about, but perhaps not as forgiving as a bigger boat. For those nearer the middle of the range (60-90 kg) it's a stable and forgiving boat that is easily rolled and can be used up to grade 4 water by those with the appropriate kill level. Unfortunately, we don't have any photos of it in action yet... but here's a small Fluid Solo of the same age and colour:

Fluid Solo

Statistics: Overall length 2.22m, beam 64 cm, weight 18kg, volume 245 litre, paddler weight range 45-105 kg.