Pyranha Burn (large)

The Burn was the follow-up to the hugely successful H2 and H3 creek boats and you can see lots of them in use by club members. This one is in the "large" size. It's a creek boat that responds well to being aggressively driven - if you are low in the weight range you'll need to get it right over to engage the edges for sharp turns. Those higher in the weight range will find the edges work more easily and the boat a little more forgiving. A number of club members who paddled medium Burns have switched to "small", so this club boat is probably not going to be much fun for smaller/lighter paddlers. However, for the larger paddler, it will cope with significantly harder rivers than the Corsica, as long as you don't expect to just float down stuff. Actively edging the boat will carve it tightly into eddies or across the current to make the line you want. It has enough rocker to boof well, and does resurface quickly if you do go deep, but the hull is quite flat across the width, so don't land it too flat on bigger drops or it will hurt!

As it is the club's most recent aquisition, we don't have any photos of the boat in use, yet... but it looks a bit like:

Pyranha Burn

Statistics: Overall length 2.52m, beam ~66cm?, volume 301 litre, weight c 20kg, paddler weight range 75-125 kg.