North Shore Atlantic

In 2013, as a result of the sale of some older boats, including two sea boats donated by veteran paddler Geoff Woods, the club had enough funds to buy an almost new North Shore Atlantic RM, which is very similar to a lot of boats paddled by members, but is a rotomoulded plastic version.

Plastic boats are a little heavier, less rigid and slightly slower than glassfibre boats, and a bit harder to repair, but the more flexible nature of the material also means they are less prone to damage by minor impacts on rocks. This boat is big enough for multiday trips, but stable enough to be paddled empty (or with a small amount of ballast) even in lumpy conditions. As a boat for beginners, who won't be going out in very rough conditions, nor trying to do huge mileages at high speeds, but do want to do longer trips than would be possible in the Anas, it's ideal.

Northshore Atlantic Sea Kayak in use on Ullswater. Photo: Pete Ball