The Yellow Corsica

The Corsica is a fairly "old school" boat nowadays, but in its day was regarded as a good solid whitewater boat. It's quite large volume, stable and fairly forgiving, so is good for average to bigger paddlers on water up to moderately easy rapids (grade 2-3). It also gets occasional use on the sea for places like Flamborough Head where plastic boats are better than sea kayaks for exploring into the caves exposed at low tide.

Perception Corsica

Corsica in use on the Tees

I think that the number on the boat indicates that it was used on the Liffey descent (a wildwater race ending in Dublin). Whilst that is mostly grade 2 there are a series of weirs that produce a large crop of swimmers, so clearly the boat copes with more than just easy water. Indeed, in its day it was used for quite hard descents, but modern boats have a number of newer safety features which the Corsica lacks, like attachment points for rescue lines.

Perception Corsica

When the boat was leading edge, Perception described it "The first and the biggest. Predictable Corsica performance. Outfitted for paddlers who want lots of room at the cockpit, seat and thigh braces. Paddler profile: Beginner - Advanced". "The first" refers to the fact that there was eventually a range of versions of the Corsica, many of which were owned (and some still are) by club members... The club also has a smaller model the Corsica 'S'.

Statistics: Overall length 3.29m, beam 64.8 cm, paddler weight range 68-114 Kg.