Welcome to the Northern Pennine Club's Archives

This site now contains only archive material - out of print publications and club history. For current information about the club, and whom to contact, please see the club's own website.

Founded in 1946, the Northern Pennine Club is one of the "senior" caving clubs in Great Britain. We are based at Greenclose House, just outside the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and 6 km from Ingleton, the "mecca" of caving in the Pennines. Consistently active in new exploration throughout its history, the club currently has over a hundred and fifty members with frequent weekend trips, longer term projects and activities further afield.

The objects of the club, as embodied in its constitution, include:

It is in the hope of furthering the latter object that this web site has been set up, to contain both current news and archive material.

This site contains information on:

> NPC Publications: archive material.
> History of the Club: 50 years of underground exploration.
> Recent changes to the site are documented here.

Background image: The Clapham Gobbin, original by Trevor Reynolds, from a poem by Cyril Crossley.