Taken from NPC Newsletter No. 3 pp 8-9 ( NPC Journal Volume 1 No. 3 : September 1955 )


Club interest in Gingling Sink was revived last Whitsuntide when news came down from Dale head that part of the sink had fallen in. Mr. Lambert, the gamekeeper, had noticed that this hole took a lot of water in flood, and also that there was a draught.

On 5th June at 8 a.m. Leach, Brindle, Rothwell and Goodwin left the cottage for Fountains Fell, full of hope that they would crack open the system that must lie between Gingling Sink and Brants Gill, Horton-in-Ribblesdale: a system that would make Easegill look like a series of fossilised rabbit-holes. They found the new hole without trouble, a ten feet deep crack on the SW side of the dry stream bed. On removing a few boulders a small passage was disclosed into which Goodwin crawled. All the dreams vanished when the passage ended immediately in a small pool fed by drops of water from the peat.

A few small holes were looked at, and dug at, in the neighbouring areas, but the party left for the "Cross Streets" at the end of the day sadder, but not wiser men.


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