NPC Newsletter 53, March 2001 - Contents, Editorial and Club news

Notes to the web edition - NPC newsletters placed on the website: As it is accessible potentially to anyone, certain items of purely internal club interest, and all members' addresses and phone numbers, have been removed. Links have been added to other web resources, where appropriate.

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This newsletter is substantially larger than the last. Thanks to all who produced articles. The volume of articles also indicates that there is quite a lot going on (even if it is canoeing, snowboarding or anything else to avoid potholing).

Thanks to Eski, Dani, Dave Mountain and Phil Wigglesworth for articles. Thanks to Martin Holroyd (NCC) for the photographs.

Tim Palmer


Welcome to the first NPC newsletter of the new Millennium, brought to you, confusingly, just hours before the absolute last possible end date for the 2nd Millennium, 10 pm, Friday 6th April 2001 ...

Foot and Mouth Disease Crisis

After discussions with both the neighbouring farmers (Peter Richardson and Duncan Robinson), the committee decided not to formally close Greenclose to members.

However, members should note that:

Summer Dinner 2001

A date of 10th June 2001 has provisionally been allocated for the Summer Dinner.

However, due to the Foot & Mouth Crisis, it may be difficult to organise a dinner at that time. It is therefore intended to hold an 'end of FMD' dinner at an appropriate time (and location).

Any suggestions of suitable venues or offers to organise would be gratefully received and should be made to Iain Crossley or myself. The usual requirements for a summer dinner will probably apply:

Tim Palmer

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