NPC Newsletter (2nd New Series) No. 45 - November 1998

Beck Head, Witherslack.

This somewhat esoteric underwater cave has received a fair bit of attention from 'Pennine divers since it was first opened up in 1994. It's located just off the A590 (South Lakes Road) to the east of Whitbarrow hill. Over the last few years it has been extended (after a lot of digging) as far as a nasty boulder squeeze 136m from the entrance. Beyond here a rising rift was only partly explored but we thought it went up to airspace. Nothing happened for a long time but by the end of October this year we'd all run out of excuses and the rift was finally pushed to a conclusion. Unfortunately it gets too tight at only 1.5m depth but the water is squirting in through hanging boulders part way down one end of this rift. Any digging would cork the nasty squeeze below, so it looks like the place is just about finished at a total length of 145m. Then again I know a man who has a very large trailer mounted pump which could easily empty this sump out on a nice summer's afternoon. . . . well it's a thought isn't it?!


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