It is stated in the written constitution of the Northern Pennine Club, that one object of the Club shall be to encourage the unrestricted circulation of information appertaining to caves and potholes amongst clubs and other organised bodies interested in caves and potholes. It is with this object in view that this publication has been prepared.

To describe individual cave passages of this system in full detail would be a most formidable task, probably entailing a publication of the dimensions of a full sized volume. Consequently, excluding any reference to the Near Series (Oxford Pot), the general account is simply the story of approximately one year of continuous exploration and survey work in these caves, and as such is far from complete. Certain details about Oxford Pot have been published in 'Cave Science' Vol.14, October 1950 and another account will be appearing shortly in a new 'Dalesman' publication, 'Underground Adventure'. We feel, however, that all the information we possess should be made available without undue delay. Details can be filled in at leisure.

For the purpose of the publication, the whole of the Ease Gill cave system has been divided into two sections, the arbitrary boundary being Stop Pot. All the caverns easily negotiable from Oxford Pot are regarded as being the caverns of Upper Ease Gill, while those caverns which could be entered by climbing Stop Pot are termed the Lower Series (Lancaster Hole).

This publication is concerned solely with the upper series of the caves, which is of major interest since it receives practically all the drainage from various points in Ease Gill.

No direct claims of new exploration have been made, since it is not known which sections of these caves were entered prior to the discovery of the Oxford Pot link-up in October 1950.

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