CTS 87.2291/f: NPC Journal 4(1), Jan 1987, p 20

The Nott Slog

from the NPC Log Book

To illustrate the amount of work involved in the Notts project, it is worth quoting some statistics from the "Nott Slog". This includes all trips up to the start of the "Close Season" in April 1986, but none of the more recent trips.

There were 41 trips making up 194 man-trips. On 14 of these trips, at least one diver passed the sump into Notts II. Altogether there were 39 diver-trips through the sump at an average of just less than ten hours per trip. There have been two trips with six divers beyond the sump at once, and just one solo trip into the extension. The records show 66 different cavers involved in diving or carrying, of whom nine are divers, of whom eight have visited Notts II. Six of these have passed sump 2, two of whom have dived in sump 3. Just one diver has so far visited Notts IV, 515m of diving from 'old' Notts Pot. This little lot adds up to a grand total of over 1000 man-hours underground. In addition to this, there have been trips into Gavel and Lost Johns', digging in Committee Pot, surface surveying, radiolocation and surface prospecting. Perhaps the most frightening statistic: at two pints per sherpa per trip, all the diving team will be in debt for the next several years !

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