Volume 4 Number 1 : January 1987 CONTENTS

Editorial Mike Burgess

Notts Pot 2 Exploration and Gavel Pot Dives
Notts Pot - The Background Andy Waddington
The Exploratory Dives - late 1985 Barry Sudell
Exploration of Notts 2 Pete Riley
Guidebook Description Rick Stanton
A Day in the Life of a Notts Sherpa Graham Proudlove
Nott Slog The Log Book
Gavel Upstream Dives Rob Palmer
Conclusions and Future Prospects Riley & Waddington
Notes on the Survey John Cordingley

Other Projects at Home
George Cornes' Through Trip Jim Eyre
Ingleborough Cave - Giants Hall area John Cordingley
Graveyard Avens Series, Lancaster Hole Graham Proudlove
A Day on the Hills with Two Gentlemen Harry (Eski) Hesketh
Derbyshire Activities - a Brief Report John Cordingley

Projects and Activities Abroad
Ireland Rick Stanton
Spain 1985 Chris Danilewicz
Spain 1986 - the Return Trip Chris Danilewicz
Mulu by Petzl Light Sir Digby Spode

Techniques and Equipment
Caving Injuries Dr. Dave Gibson
Computers in Speleology Andy Waddington
20 W Diving Lights Barry Sudell
Bottle Testing Paul Atkinson
The Story of a Rock Drill Ron Bury
Should the Moribund Learn SRT ? Andy Waddington

Cover Photograph: Barry Sudell in Notts II downstream from the Nick Point (Photo by Clive Westlake) Published by
The Northern Pennine Club,
Greenclose House,
via Lancaster.

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