CTS 87.19: NPC Journal 4(1), Jan 1987, p 67

Appendix - First aid equipment

BASIC - possible to put into an ammo can for routine trips

One triangular bandage
One small roll of adhesive tape
Small pair of scissors or scalpel blade
Two 5 cm bandages
Five Gauze swabs, 10 cm x 10 cm
Savlon antiseptic cream
Space blanket
A few "waterproof" plasters
Paper and pencil
Temgesic or similar powerful painkillers ( controlled drugs )

EMERGENCY - Large ammo can(s) - requires medical attention

Two triangular bandages
Two 5 cm bandages
Four 7.5 cm bandages
Twenty 10 cm x 10 cm gauze swabs
Cotton Wool
Baycast bandages two 10 cm, four 20 cm
Selection of sutures, eg. Two Mersilk 4/0
Scissors, forceps, tweezers
Paper and pencil
Scalpel blades
Rectal thermometer ( low reading )
Savlon cream and liquid
Two reels 2.5 cm adhesive tape
Airway, Guedel type, two sizes


Two Omnopon or equivalent 20mg ( Controlled drugs )
Magnapen or Velocef Antibiotic, 1 gm + water for injection
Syringes and needles
Local anaesthetic : 1% lignocaine 50 ml
50 % Glucose - 50 ml ( possibly )

EMERGENCY STRETCHER - Neil Robertson, plus :

Thomas splints
Head protector
Cervical Collar
Neoprene Bag
Intravenous infusion equipment
Intubation equipment
Warm air generator ( Little Dragon )

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