This impressive hole must be the most significant Pennine find since Pen-y-Ghent Pot. For the caving world, in general, I think it heralds a new era in the saga of Lancaster - Easegill exploration.

This is my compilation of various eye views of the exploration of Link Pot and anyone who feels misrepresented or forgotten in the ensuing pages has all my sympathy; but 'lest we forget', not all thirty two members who descended the pot in those ten short weeks can be mentioned. The saga of the link between Pippikin Pot and Lancaster Hole lasted only ten weeks from Batty's first primitive step in Hylton Hall to Bob Hryndyj's technological explosion into Waterfall chamber, but several near deaths resulted and much excitement and pleasure was experienced; it's surprising what can be done in just ten weeks.

I. Crossley

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