In an effort to maintain the content of the journal at the usual high standard it seemed wise to publish every two years or so, since the amount of new discovery in a year does not normally justify the expense of a publication.

I hope you will forgive the delay in publication, but I felt that the presentation should match the standard of the articles; it all takes time.

Fortunately the activity of the club has been quite amazing recently; so much so that many of the articles submitted have been drastically edited. Please try not to be too disheartened if your contribution has suffered in this way; it was in the interests of economy.

However, some members seem to think that because they cannot write well they are prevented from submitting articles for the Journal. This is not true; as your last editor said in the previous Journal, "I have a friend wot can reed and rite proper", so if the Journal is to reflect the activity of the club and not revert to a diary of the editor's summer holidays, keep the contributions flowing - especially about Yorkshire caves!

Journal Sub-Committee
Iain Crossley (Editor)
Jim Birkett (Treasurer)
Derek Brandon (Production)
Gordon Batty
Bob Crawford

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