Car Pot Extension

During a Pennine trip down Car Pot (the party consisting of Iain Crossley, Simon Farrow, Andy Waddington and Ian Brindle (CPC)) a small extension was discovered; the first since the pot was bottomed.

At the top of the climb up to South Craven Passage, the original way on is to follow a phreatic tube almost completely filled with mud. This passage is much older than the Car Pot inlet and appeared to continue in the opposite direction. After a few minutes digging, this proved to be the case and a crawl of about 15 metres led to the top of a chamber, which was approximately 10 metres cube (Big End Chamber).

The chamber is well-decorated, with a small inlet on one side and a tempting passage in the far wall. The inlet proved too small to enter and the far passage too difficult to reach - the only way forward was a hairy traverse.

The chamber is cut from the mud fill by the inlet and is really the main passage cleared of debris. Boulders lie strewn across the floor and there is no way down.

The CPC has started work in the chamber and have bolted across the traverse to the continuation of the choked passage on the other side of the chamber. The passage has not returned to North Craven Passage as I expected; it appears to be a long but easy dig through mud. The way forward is visible where the mud has contracted away from the roof. Only time will tell; especially since digging in Car is not readily contemplated.

Tackle required: 4-metre ladder and 15-metre handline for traverse.

I. Crossley.

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