Heron Pot, Kingsdale

Interim Report and Survey

The discovery was made by members of the Fylde Mountaineering Club who had spent some time investigating this east side of Kingsdale. A dig had been started in a dry shakehole near a sink on High Brown Hill Pasture (opposite Yordas Wood) and a narrow fissure type passage was unearthed.

The winding passage led on and met a main stream inlet on the right. Strong evidence of water erosion is shown in the rock formation and numerous calcite straws decorate the roof. A calcite vein also shows strongly along the roof: these veins increase further downstream. At section 5 on the survey, washed out bedding planes show on the walls.

Ducking under a large block of dripstone, many fine formations are reached and a 90 yards long inlet passage on the right is also strewn with formations. At section 8, a large dry inlet appears in the roof.

Another duck under a dripstone block, and the stream now flows rapidly on to the head of the first pitch (20 feet with a beam belay).

At this point the Fylde Mountaineering Club called in the N.P.C. for assistance with exploration and survey.

A second pitch of 30 feet, following the first, was descended by Bill Holden and F.M.C. members; a stream passage followed, then a crawl along a flat bedding plane until daylight could be seen through a small hole; but not reached !

N.P.C. club members subsequently carried out the survey. More calcite veins were found below the pitches and some beautiful gour pools between sections 10 and 11. The survey party were able to pass out equipment through the final hole but were still unable to make an exit that way.

The cave is almost half-a-mile in length, runs generally due north and the main stream outlet is in Gaze Gill. However, fluorescein showed a connection between the cave and a rising further down the dry valley indicating an undiscovered cave system there.

N.P.C. members taking part were W.Holden, H.Tucker, C.Green, G.Batty, C.Brindle and R.T.Hylton.

Abbreviated (with regret) from an article by C.Green.

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