This is number one of our new style Journal and I agree with you; lets hope number two does not take as long to produce. But, of course, there have been difficulties, mostly financial.

It might well be called the Fountains Fell issue and I do congratulate all concerned on the outstanding discoveries and efforts made in that area. I am sure that non club members will be amazed to learn that Gingling Hole is now number five in order of length on Fountains Fell, but I do hasten to add that it is still number one for an easy day's outing.

The Northern Pennine Club is now well into its second stage. The club first began in 1946 with the founders and then plus converts operating from Crow Nest Cottage and the Cross Streets. Ten years later, the second stage began; a mostly "new team" with a fine large headquarters, Green Close, Clapham. However, there have been few resignations, the "old team" do sometimes still pothole, though not often in hazard suits, and the club is as healthy as ever. Let us hope for more successes in 1958.

Malcolm G. Riley, Airton

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